Live Stream

To access live feeds and games, please visit:

Carl Albert High School: https://team1sports.com/carlalbert/

Del City High School: https://team1sports.com/delcity/

Midwest City High School: https://team1sports.com/midwestcity/

Provided by Oklahoma Sports Network: https://www.oksportsnet.com/

Adjunct Coach Information:

If you are interested in becoming an adjunct coach for Mid-Del Schools, please contact Kisha Grace at mgrace@mid-del.net or (405) 737-4461, ext. 1261 to schedule an appointment to fill out an adjunct coach packet. Please be sure that you have permission from the site first, before contacting the Administration office.

Adjunct coaches must complete all necessary requirements before they are allowed to coach. 

Adjunct coaches are required to have the following:

  • A copy of your driver's licence
  • A copy of your social security card
  • Background check 
  • Care & Prevention of Athletic Injury certificate (online class certificate not allowed)
  • Heat Illness Certificate (www.nfhslearn.com
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Certificate  (www.nfhslearn.com
  • Concussion Certificate  (www.nfhslearn.com
  • Fundamentals of Coaching (www.nfhslearn.com) - *All first year coaches

*All certificates should be emailed to mgrace@mid-del.net

Athletic Form Information:

Mid-Del Public Schools Athletics is pleased to announce that athletic forms will be completed online. These forms may be accessed from any computer or tablet. All students participating in Mid-Del Schools athletics programs are required to complete the forms and physical in MAY, before they will be permitted to participate. This includes managers.

Directions for the completion of the online forms are given on the Rank One Sport website. Online Forms that must be filled out and submitted are:

  • Insurance Waiver and Participation Form
  • Release from Liability Form
  • Concussion and Head Injury Acknowledgement
  • Drug Testing Form
  • Helmet Warning (Football Players Only)

The OSSAA PHYSICAL FORM will continue to be filled out on paper. This document is provided in the left hand section of this page.

If you have any questions please contact one of the following:

MCHS, Jarman, Monroney
Athletic Office 739-1741 ext 5157
Jason L. Cox, ATC 739-1741 ext 5139

DCHS, Del Crest, Kerr
Athletic Office 677-5777 ext 4146
Cady Coshow, ATC 677-5777

Kelly Essary 739-1648
Kim Davis, ATC 739-1726 ext 3025

For more information regarding Mid-Del Athletics, please contact:

Mr. Andy Collier, Director of Student Activities 
405.737.4461, ext. 1221

Ms. Markisha Grace, Executive Secretary
405-737-4461, ext. 1261