Instructional Technology Department

The goal of our Instructional Technology Department is to assist teachers in learning how to “teach” with technology. This will involve going beyond the basics to learn how to use technology to enhance your classroom instruction. Our goal is to show how technology tools will benefit you and your students.

In order to schedule and facilitate trainings, we have added a “Technology Training Request” ticket to our website. The link to this ticket request can be located on this page, as well as under the “For Staff” column on our district website. You can request to schedule a training in the following areas:

1. Google Drive - Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets, Forms, and Calendar,
2. Google Classroom – Learning the components of this Learning Management System
3. Google Cast – streaming your laptop to all of your students’ computer
4. Triumph Boards – new interactive boards
5. Other technology tools – (smartboard, document cameras, etc.)

We will also upload videos on our instructional technology website. These short videos are quick walkthroughs for various technology tools. You may share ideas for future videos, trainings, and website content on our “Technology to Teaching” request ticket. 

    Our trainings will designed to be interactive and hands-on with the technology. One of our goals is that you leave the training with a good understanding of how to use the technology. The other goal is that you walk away from each training with technology strategies that you can immediately implement into your classroom instruction.

    Please call us (405-737-4461 x 1306) if you have any questions.

    Scott M. Haselwood, Ph.D., Executive Director of Technology

    Mrs. Haley Sloop, Computer Technician and Instructional Facilitator
    405-737-4461 ext. 1262

    Mr. Ryan Nelson, Computer Technician and Instructional Facilitator
    405-737-4461 ext. 1320