Welcome to Parkview Elementary! We are the Pioneers!


Welcome to Parkview Elementary! We are home of the Pioneers. We are creating positive leaders for the future.

A new school year presents many new opportunities – new classes, new faces, new subject material and new friends. Summer vacation can bring great healing and summer fun. The start of school can be an adjustment for all of us with back-to-school schedules and different routines as we start the school year. There is a special kind of joy in planning and preparing for a new class, new lessons, and reflecting on summer professional development strategies.

I am extremely proud of the Parkview Staff and the instructional leadership each teacher and staff provides to our students and their families. We are a committed group of people who empower students to lead their own learning. As educators, we love to teach, support, and provide guidance for your children in a safe learning environment. We want them to become better people and citizens as they learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally while they are here at Parkview Elementary.

As a TEAM, we are committed to making a positive impact on each and every child that comes through our doors! We believe everyone can be a positive leader!