On Friday, we shared a letter on social media to our Mid-Del Community surrounding the death of George Floyd. In that letter, we said, "We stamp the words, 'Mid-Del Schools: Safe, Challenged, and Ready' on just about every document and social media post that we release. That’s who we aspire to be. To get closer to that goal, we all have to get better about reflecting on our own biases and working to eliminate them. We have to stand up and say something when we see someone in a position of authority misusing that power."

Over the weekend, an educator in our district made comments from his personal social media account that were the exact opposite of this vision and the values of our community. We do not condone the employee's words or behavior. While we cannot comment on employee personnel issues, we want our students, families and our community to know that we will not tolerate this conduct. We expect all of our staff to embrace the diversity of our district and support the families we serve.