Reducing the Stigma of Seeking Help

An essential role of Mid-Del School Work/Life and EAP coordinators involves reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. You may have an excellent EAP program; however, the stigma associated with mental health treatment may be great enough to discourage employees from seeking assistance. Nearly two-thirds of all people with diagnosable mental disorders do not seek treatment.

  • Mental illnesses affect almost every family in America.

  • People with mental illnesses make important contributions to our families and our communities.

  • People with mental illnesses recover, often by working with mental health professionals and by using medications, self-help strategies, and community supports.

  • Stigma and fear of discrimination are key barriers that keep many people from seeking help.

  • You can make a difference in the way people see mental illnesses and mental health if you:

  • Learn and share the facts about mental health and about people with mental illnesses, especially if you hear or read something that isn't true;

  • Treat people with mental illnesses with respect and dignity;

  • Support the development of community resources for people with mental illnesses and their friends and family; and

  • Respect the rights of people with mental illnesses and don't discriminate against them.

For more information, we encourage you to contact us at mid-delEAP@mid-delyouth.org or call us at (405) 733-5437.

Mid-Del Youth and Family Employee Assistance Program

Mid-Del Youth and Family Center provides professional counseling services to Mid-Del School employees and their immediate family members.  The services are provided by a licensed or license eligible counselor.  Topics of counseling include anxiety, depression, life stress, family/marriage conflict, substance abuse, and a variety of other issues that require outside assistance.  At Mid-Del Youth and Family Center we pride ourselves on providing a comfortable atmosphere and encourage those who seek services to remember that seeking services is a sign of strength.

Mental health is an important issue in the workplace. It is a state of well-being in which an individual achieves his or her own potential, copes effectively with the normal challenges of life, and is able to work more efficiently and productively.

Mental disorders are common in the United States, and in a given year approximately a quarter of adults are diagnosable for one or more disorders.

Since Employee Assistance Program (EAP) personnel are involved in the initial assessment of conditions and treatment referrals, they play a vital role in achieving healthy outcomes for Mid-Del School employees and their families. There are a number of strategies agencies can pursue to support employees' mental health:

  • Promoting greater awareness of and through the EAP

  • Holding depression recognition screenings

  • Placing confidential self-rating sheets in common areas

  • Training supervisors in depression recognition

  • Safeguarding confidentiality of employee health information

  • Supporting employees who seek treatment or who require hospitalization and disability leave, including planning for return to work and flexible work schedules

  • Educating employees on mental health benefits available through the Employee Health Benefits Program

For more information, we encourage you to contact us at mid-delEAP@mid-delyouth.org or call us at (405) 733-5437.