The Human Resources team, along with your supervisor, will be guiding you through the onboarding process. The following is an overview of what you can expect.

Step 1: Once a recommendation to hire is received by the Human Resources Department, you will receive an email from your assigned HR contact detailing your next steps.

Step 2: Next, you will receive an email from TalentEd which will contain an onboarding checklist.

Step 3: Click the link in your TalentEd email to begin completing your required tasks immediately. 

Please note: You will not be allowed to obtain a badge or begin working until all tasks have been successfully completed!

Step 4: Once onboarding checklist is complete, schedule your face-to-face onboarding appointment via the scheduler link in your welcome email from HR.

Step 5: Attend your scheduled face-to-face onboarding.  Be sure to bring I-9 documentation, official transcripts, and teaching certificate (if applicable).

Step 6: Complete onboarding process and obtain employment badge.

Step 7: Schedule an appointment to complete your benefits enrollment/waiver. This is required whether you plan to take insurance or opt out.

We are so glad you’re here and look forward to meeting you soon! 

Have questions? 

Human Resources Department Contact Information: 

  • Pamela Huston, Assistant Superintendent/Chief Human Resources Officer: (405) 737-4461

  • Heather Young, Director of Personnel, ext. 1264

  • Kasey Reed, Certified Staff, ext. 1214

  • Lynda Thomsen, Support Staff, ext. 1224

  • Rhonda Genzer, Benefits, ext. 1258

  • Lisa Montes, Staffing/Credentials, ext. 1216

  • Amber Newcomb, Leave, ext. 1218