Mid-Del Schools provides special education services to students who reside in the Mid-Del School District. All students served with special education supports meet eligibility criteria as students with disabilities under IDEA. Mid-Del serves students between the ages of 3 to 21 years of age. Special education instructional support for special education students is based on student need. Instructional services may be either direct to the student or consultation services to assist the teacher. Disabilities range from mildly disabled to moderate, severe and profoundly disabled. Services vary from minimal services weekly to intense services in fully self-contained settings. Due to the diversity of student education needs present among Mid-Del's students with disabilities, the District offers comprehensive special education services designed to meet the unique range of needs. If you have comments, suggestions or would like to obtain additional information about Mid-Del's Special Services Department, please contact us at the numbers or mailing address below:

Mrs. Tressa Wilson, Director of Special Services:

Megan Tibbits, Assistant Director: ext. 4452

Jessica Brandon, Instructional Facilitator

Heather Branesky, Instructional Facilitator

Dianne Wise, Instructional Facilitator

Joy Martin, Special Services Specialist: ext. 4456

Sandra Luckett, Secretary: ext. 4455

Shelby Welch, Secretary: ext. 4453