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Click on the images below to view 2023-24 capacity numbers for elementary and secondary schools. Elementary schools include grades Pre-K through 5th grade. Secondary schools include grades 6th through 12th.

elementary capacity

April 1, 2024

secondary capacity

April 1, 2024

Student Out-of-District Transfer Information

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our student transfer policy. We appreciate your interest in the Midwest City-Del City Public School District. We do our best to welcome additional students to our district whenever it is possible.

Midwest City-Del City Public School District makes decisions about student transfers in accordance with district policy and state law. You can download our comprehensive district policy below; however, we are providing the following information for your convenience:

Mid-Del Schools Transfer Policy

A transfer is requested from a parent/guardian for a student due to the parent/guardian living outside of the Midwest City-Del City Public School District’s residency boundaries and the desire to attend in our district.  A transfer application will be reviewed for acceptance but may be denied due to the district being over capacity, a student’s past discipline and/or a student’s attendance history. Parents should NOT withdraw their student from their current school until they receive notification that their requested transfer has been approved. The open transfer application can be found here:

Student Transfer Application Form

With the enactment of Senate Bill 783 (2021), the Oklahoma Legislature made comprehensive reforms to Oklahoma’s school transfer laws, namely revising the requirements for accepting and denying student transfers (to expand transfers between public schools) and requiring school districts to set and list enrollment capacities on their websites. Capacity data is determined for each grade level and site within the school district.

The District will begin accepting applications for the following school year starting June 1st of that school year for processing beginning July 1st. The District will review the applications in the order they are submitted. Applications denied due to capacity will not be placed on a wait list.  Parents/legal guardians that have been denied due to lack of capacity may re-apply at any time for additional consideration.

If a transfer request is denied by the District, the parent/guardian of the student may appeal the denial to District’s Board in writing within ten (10) days of the notification of the denial as provided for by law and regulation. The District’s Board will consider the appeal at its next regularly scheduled board meeting so long as the appeal is received prior to the statutory deadline for posting the Board agenda. The appeal review process will be submitted to the Board and will take place in executive session in order to protect student privacy.  The vote to uphold or reject the student’s transfer denial will be held in open session.

If the Board upholds the denial, the parent may appeal the denial to the State Board of Education within ten (10) days of the notification of the Board’s decision. 

Transfer students must abide by eligibility requirements established by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA) for OSSAA-sanctioned activities.

The posted capacity of each school will be recalculated quarterly. All transfer applications are received as a request to attend in the Midwest City-Del City Public School District. No requests for specific school sites will be accepted except for staff members.  The Student Accounting Department will verify the actual capacity in the grade level at the time of transfer request.

Click HERE to access the application.

If you have any questions about the transfer process, please email the Mid-Del Schools Central Enrollment Center at